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"Maximising performance through an athlete centred approach."

- Gareth Jones PhD, MSc


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Working with you on a one to one basis to improve your own personal mental and physical performance


I assist teams to create a great team and mental culture to foster enhanced performance for all players

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From an introduction to what improving mental performance can do for you to tailored in-depth talks and workshops

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I am a qualified British cycling coach & offer a wide range of bicycle coaching that improve your skills, as well as your mental strength

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" My vision is to maximise performance through the adoption of an athlete centred approach. I aim to facilitate an athlete to unlock their peak performance through mental and emotional skills training that not only directly improve performance, but also improve wellbeing and enjoyment both in and out of competitive sport.

I am intensely passionate about sport and maximising performance. There is a deep-set belief that peak sports performance goes hand in hand with your mental wellbeing. I personally feel mental performance is the key to peak performance, especially in high-pressure situations. I have worked with a variety of expert to elite sports athletes in a range of different sports environments and disciplines.

My goal is to provide individuals with a solid positive platform from which to better deal with competition, training and other sports pressures within the environment around you. By creating a more positive outlook, you will not only improve your performance, you will also increase the enjoyment and satisfaction you gain from participating.

About Peak Mental Performance

My background includes both an undergraduate and a master’s degree in sport and exercise psychology from Northumbria University. I am currently completing a PhD in exercise health psychology at the University of Sheffield.

My love for sport stems from a young age, where I was heavily involved in an outdoor and sporting lifestyle. I have since been involved in many different sports which is what sparked my interest and later devotion for the mental side of performance. My main passion is cycling, more specifically downhill racing and XC riding. I also regularly participate in dirt jumping, BMX track riding, and road riding.


Peak Mental Performance
James Jobber - Cyclist

It was great working with peak mental performance coaching over the last few months. People talk about the 'marginal gains' from focusing on psychological training but for me its more fundamental. The techniques I have learnt have helped me to push harder in training, ride more confidently in races and generally help me to become a more positive athlete. Spending time getting mentally prepared for a training session is vital to enable you to get the most out of training

Peak Mental Performance
Dariusz Kasperek - Mountain biker

My experience with Gareth from Peak Mental Performance Coaching has been extremely positive. The techniques and approaches that he taught me not only made me more confident when riding but now I also feel a lot safer when coming towards that 100%. Now having that clarity I feel that during each ride I can push myself more whist still enjoying every mile. His personal and practical approach has greatly influenced my progress and helped me find the mental point at which I love riding most. I would like to thank Gareth for all the time and effort he put into coaching me and for all of his amazing guidance and help!

Giving Back

At the heart of Peak Mental Performance Coaching's belief's, is that giving back is very important.

I take a lot from the world of cycling as my involvement in the sport provides me with an awful lot of enjoyment. I therefore believe I should make sure that I am giving back to the sport that I get so much from.

Bolehills BMX track is in the heart and soul of a lot of the cyclists in the Sheffield area. Not much love has been shown to this public resource over the past few years. Luckily however, there have been a select few who have poured a lot of time and didication into the Bolehills BMX track and organised the re-birth of the track. The cycling community rallied together, myself included, to chip in with some hard work and sweat to get Bolehills back into its prime. Before and after pictures below.

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