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Peak Coaching can work on a one-to-one basis, concentrating on your needs and tailor each session specifically to you


Group coaching sessions are on set dates each month and range from fundamentals to race craft and specific techniques

Coaching Workshops

Peak Coaching offers a 50/50 split of a mental performance workshop coupled with a MTB coaching session

Mental Performance

PMPC is a company set up to maximise your peak performance through mental and emotional coaching for performance. Click here to go to the Peak Mental Performance Coaching site

Fundamentals for kids

Learn the basics of mountain biking. Go over bike set up, useful kit, and of course the fundamentals to cycling


From All Mountain to DH riders, this session gets you to go faster with more confidence. Cornering, jumps, and planning ahead are just some of the content


This is a DH specific course. DH courses are made up of much tougher terrain, this course will help you execute good form in difficult situations

Race Craft

PMPC links in with DH racing. This course is designed to get you to perform at your best when it counts!

All courses will require:

1. A fully working bike with both front and rear working brakes
2. A helmet (other protective gear is advised but not compulsary)
3. Food and water to keep your energy levels up

What people say

Dariusz Kasperek - Mountain biker

My experience with Gareth from Peak Mental Performance Coaching has been extremely positive. The techniques and approaches that he taught me not only made me more confident when riding but now I also feel a lot safer when coming towards that 100%. Now having that clarity I feel that during each ride I can push myself more whist still enjoying every mile. His personal and practical approach has greatly influenced my progress and helped me find the mental point at which I love riding most. I would like to thank Gareth for all the time and effort he put into coaching me and for all of his amazing guidance and help!

About Peak Mental Performance

I have always been involved in sport in some shape or form. My main passion however, is cycling. I mainly enjoy riding downhill and XC, however I also regularly ride dirt jumps, BMX tracks, and road.

Cycling is definitely a way of life for myself. It has taken me to Europe on various occasions and to the mecha of cycling, Whistler... twice! This is where I really honed my skills on a bike and cycling changed from a hobby to a lifestyle.

It's a deep-set belief of mine that whether you are cycling for fun, or competing in competitive racing, your attitude and your appraoch to cycling has the biggest impact on your performance. Whether you are just wanting to increase your enjoyment on the trails, improve your skill set and range, or shave a few seconds off your race times, Peak Mountainbike Coaching can help you achieve your goals!

I am a qualified British Cycling coach and offer a wide range of coaching sessions. My unique selling point however is my in-depth knowledge and understanding of the mental side of sports. I will not only offer coaching on the technical aspects of mountain biking, but I will also teach you how to mentally improve your performance as well. I will help to create a fantastic platform for you to have fun on the trails by being technically and mentally tuned.


" Mountain biking is a huge passion of mine and a life style choice. Maximising fun, skill, technique, and safety is key - This is what Peak Mountainbike Coaching is all about. "

My vision as a mountain bike coach is to equip you as the rider with a great platform to build and master fundimental skills. I aim to improve your riding ability and confidence allowing you to enjoy the sport of mountain biking to its potential. I offer various coaching sessions that can help anyone from a beginner to the elite.

As a mental performance coach, I also offer the sport psychology aspect of mountain biking as this is just as important as the physical techniques and skills. Some argue it's more important, especially at the elite level!

Giving Back

At the heart of Peak Mental Performance Coaching's belief's, is that giving back is very important.

I take a lot from the world of cycling as my involvement in the sport provides me with an awful lot of enjoyment. I therefore believe I should make sure that I am giving back to the sport that I get so much from.

Bolehills BMX track is in the heart and soul of a lot of the cyclists in the Sheffield area. Not much love has been shown to this public resource over the past few years. Luckily however, there have been a select few who have poured a lot of time and didication into the Bolehills BMX track and organised the re-birth of the track. The cycling community rallied together, myself included, to chip in with some hard work and sweat to get Bolehills back into its prime. Before and after pictures below.

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